We Serve Everyone

We serve you while you wait. No drop-off or appointment needed.

No Vet Documentation Required

Just bring your pet and we’ll do the rest. We accept cash, debit and credit.

Year Round, Rain or Shine

Serving at Tractor Supply Co. on Tiffin Avenue in Findlay.

Nail Trim & Bathing in Findlay since 2002

419-420-PETS (7387)

What is Rendoggie's?

About Us

Locally owned and operated by Sandy Winkle, Rendoggie’s now serves the area at the Tractor Supply Co. on Tiffin Avenue between Menards and Family Farm & Home. Our cost-saving services menu invites you to Pick & Choose and pay only for the personal needs of your special dog.

Our Hours

  • Saturdays

    8am to 3pm

  • Sundays

    9am to 3pm

Who is Rendoggie?

A Message From The Owner

Lots of people wonder what the word“Rendoggie’s” is, what it means, and where it came from. I named my business after my Border Collie dog named Ren. When he was young, the neighbor kids would run up and down the fence with him. They would shout out “Ren Doggie, Ren Doggie!”

When I hear those words, it warms my soul.

Ren Winkle


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